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Audio Mastering

Audio mastering rates are $2 per minute of audio provided. 
Half-payment is expected up front. 
Revisions are free until you're satisfied. 
All formats. All genres.
Please provide files (if possible) in a lossless format such. 
Record at 24 bits if possible. 
Contact/upload: enemataprods@gmail.com
You can call me by phone at: 309-550-8208
Album cover drawing/painting/design/templating services are also available in harmony with Galeum
Ignis Veneficio Tenebris
Audio Mastering Engineer

Mastering discography:

House of Apparition - House of Apparition 
(Nerdcore, Crippled Sound, Triangulum Ignis)

Asyutas - Woe
(Crippled Sound 2013)

 Enbililulugugal - Noisemongers For Goatserpent 
2x CD
(Crucial Blast 2013)

Mystery Attacks - Two 
(Rouge 2013) 

Until The Sun Grows Cold 3
Cassette Compilation
(Vocoder Tapes 2013) 

Until The Sun Grows Cold 2 
Cassette Compilation
(Vocoder Tapes 2013) 

Boar - Dead Existence
(Breaching Static 2013)

Kamila Glowacki and  Polypsis
(Tenspeed Hero 2013) 

Wapstan side of "Orgone" split with Diablo
(Brise-Cul Records | KVLT 667, the neighbor of the beast 2013) 

Witch In Her Tomb - Maleficus Maleficarum 
(Crippled Sound 2012)

Vomir - Musique L' Indifference 
12"+ CD 
( Peripheral Records 2012)

Abigail / Akashah - Axis Of Evil 
 ( Darker Than Black 2012)

 Vomir - Application À Aphistemi 
(Maisonbruit 2011)

 Vomir - Attache À Ton Esprit Un Éternel Bourreau 
(Urashima 2011)

Pusdrainer - Drowning in Amniotic Putrescence 
(Dead Pope Productions 2011)

 Pre-2011 jobs are not listed as I have no documentation. 
If it's on my label, or one of my projects than it's not included in this list.
A few of my projects/bands include: 

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