NEWS 10-12-15'

Corrected the artwork for Human As Disease, and there's three new cassettes out.

Still, the view is dim. 

Distributors may inquire via email enemataprods (at) gmail .com

Dried Up Corpse / Distant Relative - split C20
Organic, junk-sounding noise and violence. 
Harsh intensity from both projects.

 Lalemus / Phantasm Nocturnes - split C80
Mechanical tribal horror-scapes from Lalemus.
Imploding death industrial / dark ambient from Phantasm Nocturnes. 

Infirmary - The Spirit Cipher C80
Black holes, hard loops, and industrial caverns. 
Static from nightmares and devils.

Human As Disease - Shatter Glass House C62
 Droning static formations and hallucinatory textures.
This is the corrected artwork version with 2-sided card-stock print and specialized tape stickers.


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Audio Mastering

I've put the final mastering touch on a lot of albums, including vinyls.
Please provide files (if possible) in a lossless format.  
Revisions are free until you're satisfied.

Contact/upload: enemataprods@gmail.com

Price is $2 per minute of audio provided.
FULL PAYMENT is expected up front
I'll do free 1-minute samples for prospective new customers.